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International move, from England to NL. Excellent service from start to finish. Clear communication, competitive price, hard-working and friendly team – very positive experience and highly recommended to both locals and internationals.

Ruan 23-1-2019

Excellent moving company! Easy communication, rapid and flexible service, super friendly team! I highly recommend their services for a successful move.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Sylvie Schwall - 12-9-2018

Fantastic quality service from start to finish.

There is an awful lot of stress involved with moving house, and the team too much of this worry away.

From the beginning with the organisation and scheduling of the move, throughout the entire process, the team provided the highest quality of service. Even specific requests were met, such as re-assembling furniture at a future date were catered for. The removal team themselves were polite, friendly, extremely punctual, and above all, very professional.

I could not have asked for a better quality of service.

Marc Atkins -10-1-2018

Very pleased with services provided by VerhuisService Voorschoten, concerning our international moving in June-17, from start to finish. Since the first contacts and planning of the services, Tinus and his assistants were very helpful and efficient. The packers and unpackers on both sides of the move showed a great level of care for our belongings. The crew on the move out and move in day were very courteous and efficient. We were astonished by the quick and professional work of the crew, mostly at delivering day when, due to malfunctioning of elevators, they had to climb 6 floors through the stairs carrying big volumes; and they did that without losing the efficiency and good quality of services. In short, received an outstanding level of service in all respects, including bookings, advising’s, financial and legal proceedings.

Wagner Basaglia - 23-7-2017

Thank you to Tinus & the Crew.

I am very happy to say that our move went without a hitch.In our time as expats overseas globally we have used many packing companies and done lots of moves.I can safely say hands on my heart that this was the best crew & least stressful move we have done as a family.

Nothing was too much trouble for these guys, they were kind, helpful, professional , polite and all spoke english to our great relief.

Verhuisservice Voorschoten were also very competitive on price too.I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a removals company.Thanks again.

Helen - 16-5-2017

Tinus and his guys did a wonderful job in moving our houses. The borrowed the boxes way in advance to pack. And provided us with enough time after moving to give them back the boxes.
Also the moving went quite smooth and very professional. The guys were very friendly and careful and did as we asked in placing and disassembling/assembling everything as we wanted where we wanted.
All was done very fast.
Also, they have a very professional service where they provide an insurance to cover anything that may happen.
Working with Tinus and his team was wonderful and I strongly recommend them. I was visited by 7 companies and their offer was the best one in quality and price.

working with Tinus and his team was a very good experience:

  • I was visited by 7 companies and they offered the best Quality/price service
  • they borrow you boxes for about 12 weeks to allow you to pack/unpack with time. And if you need more, they immediately bring more boxes to you
  • they work with insurance to cover anything that may happen
  • they work fast and with quality, being very careful with transporting everything to where you want and with assembling/disassembling everything as you want
  • the team is very friendly and hard work
  • I definitely advise them as they are very professional
Ines Antunes - 18-4-2017

Moving house is a lot of work but thanks to your team everything went as well as possible. From getting the estimate, to the actual move and to the collection of the packing boxes, everything went  like clockwork. The team were professional, helpful, hardworking friendly and worked really well together. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others in the future.

Bernard and Catja Jackson - 15-2-2017

Thank you for making what could have been a very stressful situation into one of the easiest experiences we could have imagined. From the initial visit to receive a quote to the end of our moving day, every member of the team displayed a positive professionalism and no task was too hard. The crew pointed out some prior damage to the stairway before moving anything in, which was much appreciated. Thanks again for a job well done!


Thank you for a well-executed moving of our household! We found the team very friendly and experienced in their task. I find it very thoughtful and professional that any existing damage was clearly communicated and indicated before the furniture was moved, thus avoiding any arguments at a later stage. All the agreed commitments were also fully complied with, as well as some minor additional work without any arguments. This makes a very stressful event allot more bearable if you know and trust that all work will be completed by the end of the day. I am really hoping not to move again soon but if I do need to move anything in the future, I will be sure to call.

Mr. Douglas Posthumus-Meyes

Thank you do much to yourself and the team for arranging my move on Friday, it all went perfectly. I have moved all over the world, and this was probably the shortest move of all time! Seriously though, I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole experience, and the lads who lifted the boxes, probably the best team and move I have experienced. So thanks again to everyone.

Dr Paul J Williams


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