Mission and Vision

To have a satisfied customer at the end of the job! That’s what we work for every day.

verhuisservice voorschotenWith more than 25 years of experience, Tinus van Santen, the owner of VerhuisService Voorschoten, has earned his spurs in the world of moving. He still enjoys going to work every day. VerhuisService Voorschoten means everything to him.
“I am a stickler for perfection and I that’s what I also expect of my employees. If we drive up to a customer and open the lorry doors, then the inside of the lorry also has to look neat and clean. I insist on that during staff meetings. That has to become a habit, because order and neatness affect everything. I want that customers to see that we pay attention to everything down to the smallest detail.”

Good quality at an affordable price
“We operate with well-maintained equipment and continue to invest in it: from our vehicle fleet up to our own moving lifts and from our storage facilities up to our moving boxes. Our aim is to deliver good quality at an affordable price.”

Moving your private household effects or the inventory of a company is a matter of trust.
“The first hour of a move is the most important one. That’s when the ice is broken and the tone is set. People that move are usually very tense. We always remain calm and do our work in a self-assured manner. For us, moving is a daily job. When people see how we tackle our job, their confidence grows and they can relax somewhat. It’s wonderful to hear people say, for example: ‘See you later; for now we’re off to our new home’. Then you know you have gained their trust.

Our mission
“To have a satisfied customer at the end of the job! That’s what we work for every day.”

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